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Okay, so I didn't get the first two jobs.  No Disney for Fortuna. Boo.  But I DID land a job at Macy's.  SO HAPPY!!!!  I do training this week, orientation next Saturday, and then I start next week! <3 YAAAAAAY!
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Hey guys, I found this cool new charity, all you have to do is take some free quizzes and aid is given to villages in Malawi, Africa. :)

Zumani Team

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Thanks to everyone who wished me luck for my last interview. You guys are the best <3

I actually have another interview today, one that I'm super nervous about.  I'm nervous because it's an interview with Disney.
Yes, DISNEY.   I'm trying to hop on board their college program this fall, and I'm super nervous!  But I'm also very excited!
If I get the job, I'll be moving into one of the apartments on site until January.  I'll be working in Walt Disney World at one of the attractions.  I hope I do well on this interview! <3

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Job interview today, wish me luck! :D
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I draw'd a picture!


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Dear friends,

Debate is raging in Uganda on the proposal to execute gay people. We can't let extremists drown out voices of reason -- donate now for opinion polls and ads showing Ugandans choose human rights over violent extremism:

Donate Now!
In just two weeks, nearly half a million of us have signed the global petition against Uganda's proposed law to sentence gay people to death and jail their friends.

It's an extraordinary response to a terrifying law -- but more is needed. Extremists are escalating their rhetoric -- with one pastor showing gay pornography in order to whip up rage. But very few know the harsh details of this draconian bill. And no public opinion poll has asked whether the Ugandan people would support such mass execution.

The Ugandan movement against the bill, which has been electrified by global solidarity, hasn't had the resources to inform their fellow citizens about the bill's deadly provisions.

If enough of us chip in, we can help launch radio spots, newspaper ads, and billboard campaigns that reach millions of Ugandans with the truth -- and a powerful, human call to protect human rights. Donate now to fuel the defense of rights in Uganda:


While homophobia is widespread in Uganda, as in much of the world, so is a belief in basic human rights -- and this bill is, at heart, an assault on human rights.

The fundamental belief that every life is equally precious, regardless of nation, creed, or sexual orientation, is at the heart of the opposition to this bill. It's what has led hundreds of thousands of us to sign the petition -- which has been sent to Ugandan and donor governments, and will be presented to the Speaker of Parliament in Uganda next week. And it's what has united the church leaders, gay groups, and human rights advocates in Uganda to join together for justice.

The Ugandans at the front lines of this struggle are doing all they can. Our support -- resources that cost us very little -- can make all the difference in the world to them. Donate here:


Let's rise to this moment, and make their cause our own.

With hope,

Ben, Alice, David, Paula, Benjamin, Ricken, and the whole Avaaz team

PS: You can read the actual law here:

You can read more about the proposed law here:

If you haven't signed it, you can join the petition against the law at this link:

Support the Avaaz community! We're entirely funded by donations and receive no money from governments or corporations. Our dedicated team ensures even the smallest contributions go a long way -- donate here.
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 Hi guys!  In an attempt to get some necessities for the two girls I sponsor in Guatemala, I wanted to hold this fundraiser.

First off, I'm going to be holding fic commissions for original and fandom stories, a dollar per 100 words.  If I go over the word count, I won't charge you anything extra.  So basically, 0-199= $1  200-299-$2 300-399=$3. etc.

Secondly, I've started a smashwords account here http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/fortunastoryteller  where one can buy some short stories of mine for only $. 99

If you all have any other ideas of things you'd be willing to commission me for, I'd be glad to- including songs and pictures (though I sort of doubt anyone would want my pictures XD)  And we can work something out.  Thanks a lot guys!
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Date today, wish me luck!

EDIT:  Date was AWESOME, and I can't wait for the second one!  Thanks to you guys for rooting me on!


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 Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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